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Do you have a budding author at home? Help them learn to write stunning stories.

Do you know a child that loves to write? Do you want to teach a child you love the building blocks of great storytelling? Does your child have a wild imagination that just needs to be put to paper? The KidLit Lab's Story School is here to help. 

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Story School is the place for your young author to learn the ins and outs of what it takes to write a great story. Let them learn from bestselling, award-winning, children's book author, Laura Wifler, to give them foundational skills to build on for a lifetime. 

Welcome to The KidLit Lab's

start 'em young. 

Story School

Do you have a budding writer at home who is bursting with ideas but needs a bit of guidance?

Are you a grandparent, guardian, or mentor who wants to help cultivate a hobby or interest you see in a child you love? 

Are you a homeschooling parent who is looking for a program to round out your curriculum on writing and storytelling? 

The Story School


A class just for kids to teach them the foundational building blocks of writing great stories

We'll start with stepping back and understanding what a great story is and how to find the right idea to pursue. By the end of this module, your child will:
  • Understand exactly what makes a great story.
  • Have a solid list of topics that they can turn into stories.
  • Know how to develop characters and settings in a way that's believable and compelling

Here's What's Inside Story School

Story Smarts

Drafts that Dazzle

module 1

Module 2

Now that the child understands a great story and has a few ideas, I'll teach them how to build solid story structure so their ideas make sense and move forward. By the end of this module, your child will:
  • Understand how to write snappy openings
  • See what to do in the messy middle
  • Know what it takes to write a satisfying ending

Story Superstar

module 3

we're going to have a blast together

No one writes a perfect draft on their first try, so it's here that I'll teach your child the top techniques real editors and authors use to be a story superstar. By the end of this module, your child will:
  • Know specific things to look for to make a story stronger
  • Understand the correct formatting for a children's book.
  • Understand pacing and page turns.
  • Select a solid title.

She made all of it so much fun!

- emma

"Laura is a perfect guide."

I'm a bestselling, award-winning children's picture book author, and I want to help you. Plus, as the Co-founder and Executive Director of Risen Motherhood, I see hundreds of the best children's books each year and I evaluate them to decide what to recommend to the hundreds of thousands of moms in the RM community, and what goes back on the shelf. I love books, and I might just love seeing books come to life even more.

!'ve written three children's books: the bestselling, "Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer," which was the winner of the Christianity Today's Children and Youth Book of the Year, and a finalist for the ECPA's Children's Book of the Year, the bestselling, "Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering God's Image In Every Person," and "A World Wonder," forthcoming in March 2024.

I'm Laura and I'm here to answer your child's children's book questions. 

hi there!

I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. In fact, in first grade, I won my first writing award after I entered my story, "Mackenzie's Dog Goldie" in an AT&T writing contest. I still have the certificate and ribbon. (I'm thinking about putting them up on my office wall.) Since that day, I dreamed of being a children's picture book author, but I never actually thought it would happen. But by God's grace, I got where I am today. Now, I get emails and dm's every week from people just like you who are looking for advice and help at various stages of their author journey, but typically their questions require more than what a quick email or dm can accomplish. So, I built The KitLit Lab to answer all the most common questions people have (and the ones they haven't thought of yet). Think of this like my brain in a bottle, taking all my best tips and brings them straight to you. 


"I know so much more than I did before."

The KidLit Lab Story School is the only one of its kind. Your child will...

Gain clarity on what makes a good idea and where to find one.

Understand what story structure is and what makes a great story.

Understand how to build out characters and scenes

Learn techniques for editing and polishing their draft

Understand what makes a great title that will have people wanting to pick up their book. 


Give your child clarity and confidence on what makes a great story and watch them grow. 

Like Me

PSST, there's more! click here to see them all.

Christian fiction

If I can do this, so can you.


A World Wonder

mass-market fiction

Any Time, Any Place, Any Prayer

Christian non-fiction


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