I'm Laura!

beyond kidlit, i'm very into early mornings, poetry, [contained] fires and the human brain.

I'm a bestselling, award-winning children's book author, and nothing makes me happier than seeing beautiful and truthful picture books on the shelves. I'm on a mission to fill the world with them. 

well, hello there.

I love books, but I think I love the process of bringing a book to life even more. With a love for KidLit and a brain for business and marketing, I believe children's books are so much more than a simple manuscript. (Though certainly not less!) From the illustrations to the size to the paper weight to how you position them in the marketplace I look at every project uniquely to how I can steward it from conception to completion. Every book is its own work of art, and I can't wait to help you with yours. 

In fact, in first grade, I won my first writing award after I entered my story, "Mackenzie's Dog Goldie" in an AT&T writing contest. I still have the certificate and ribbon. (I'm thinking about putting them up on my office wall.) I had no idea the foreshadowing that would play into my future career. Childhood-me would be shocked and impressed that this dream became a reality.

I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember. 

Like you, I want to create true, beautiful, and helpful picture books that children will read again and again.





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good earth cinnamon tea


the book of virtues




Writing incredible stories in the most important part. But along the way? Let's have some fun. Step into my KidLit Cave and check out all my favorite author-y tools, tchotchkes. and creature comforts. 

My Favorite Tools of the Trade

Come inside my kidlit cave

"Laura is a natural encourager, entrepreneur, and definitely the one I want in my corner. She's able to show you how to take dream and turn it into a reality."  


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